Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adding Clarity

To those who are a little confused, or semi-lost, let me help clarify.

What is the Cache Valley Cartel trying to establish?  Here...

1920's gangster and flapper girl.


Mic, guitar, bass, and drums.


The Cache Valley Cartel.

Interesting, right?  Go to http://www.cvctheband.com/ for more details, or come to their show every Wednesday @ Liquid Joe's in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Follow the link for more information-  http://www.facebook.com/events/254763341278819/

Friday, February 24, 2012

Have You Heard?




It's true, folks.  The Cache Valley Cartel is entering Salt Lake City with a bang! Literally...  So, do you know what this means?  To those of you who don't know...  It means YOU CAN'T MISS OUT! Here is why:

- Rules Why You Cannot Miss Out -
Rule #1)  Obviously, they're sexy.  Who wouldn't want to look at sexy men all night?
Rule #2)  Their music will send you onto a roller coaster of emotion. Especially when intoxicated. BEWARE.
Rule #3)  They are fun to hang out with.  Before and after each show, they love to get to know everybody present.
Rule #4)  They sell unique and fashionable, though hardcore, merch!  And sign them!
Rule #5)  They pose in pictures with you!

(Photo Taken By Diana Ochsner)  Example:

Kidd Kazmeo and his infamous Tommy Gun

Maybe, if you show up, you get to hold it.  And, maybe... Just maybe...  If you show up... He'll pull you on stage and you get to sing!  Don't miss out!

Jade Arlette

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Introduction To A Beginning

To Whom It May Concern

Perhaps I may have forgotten an introduction to a specific member of the Cache Valley Cartel.  He has chosen to grace the Cache Valley Cartel with his musical talents, knowledge, and experience. Matt "Hitman" Howitz.


     In recent shows, the Cache Valley Cartel have been attracting more and more people. They are in full swing, now, thanks to "Hitman" providing motivation to push forward.
     In the Cache Valley Cartel's recent endeavors, I have witnessed many changes to bring forth publicity and success.  Each member work relentlessly to improve their creativity, while entertaining people abroad.  I sit with them in the studio, watching them rehearse for hours.  Disagreements occur, ideas bloom, and a conclusion is made.  Regardless of the decisions formed, the Cache Valley Cartel have one goal in mind-  to entertain the people. 
     They do just that, as I watch Kidd Kazmeo pull people here and there onto the stage to sing lead in a song; as girls reach out to Viktor Shaw with desire burning in their eyes; as The Don leaps into the crowd, shredding a mean guitar solo; as Georgy Rage gazes menacingly towards his next victim; as Hitman manages to pose a smirk at every camera without missing a beat.
     The crowds go wild, and always beg for more.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catching Up With the Cache Valley Cartel


Fellow bloggers, and readers, I apologize for my lack of appearance. However, much has happened for me to explain to you.
Here goes.
The Cache Valley Cartel experienced a roller coaster ride of events within the past couple of months. They've been searching hard and endlessly for a new drummer.
When they thought their luck was wearing thin, they were bitch slapped with a reality check.
They weren't looking in the right places, which is why they had finally recently stumbled upon a Matt "Hitman" Howitzer.
We were kind of expecting another disagreement, after the many, many disagreements that paraded by us.
Matt wouldn't have it.
Kidd turned to Matt and asked, "How many songs do you know?"
Matt shrugged nonchalantly, "Four or five."
In response, Kidd almost broke out in tears of joy. I was just a bit excited, but mind you, just a bit. I didn't know what to expect until he started playing.
And after he began to play, I kindly took my "iffy" thoughts and kicked them out of my ears.
Low and behold, a new drummer indeed.
Since then, the Cache Valley Cartel have probably played a gig here or there to slowly ease into the swing of things with this new drummer. While managing performances and rehearsals, they've been hitting up a studio every Sunday to start recording their second album, "Black Cracker".
Things are indeed looking up for the band, and there's no turning back.
Also, a special announcement to Kidd and Kate Kazmeo of their newborn daughter, ALBEENA OLGA KAZMEO!!

What a cute bee! Cuter than any of us...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rock N' Ritz pop the cherry of virgin ears, creating musically-encumbered orgasm- CVC

Rock N' Ritz pop the cherry of virgin ears, creating musically-encumbered orgasm- CVC

Here I sit, within the frontlines of a live rehearsal- a Cache Valley Cartel rehearsal. I examine their progress as they strive for success. Their faces etched in concentration- Kidd Kazmeo guiding Viktor and JP through vocal unisons.
Their voices combined melts my heart, because in my mind's eye I can see them upon a stage with an audience of thousands. Kidd waves his right hand with each syllable of every other word, steering their focus with his conducted rhythm.
I glance toward Kidd's wife as she sits upon the leather sofa, her fingers laced together in patience. She bears child- a girl. Have you not heard the news?
As a witness to this rehearsal, I begin to wonder more and more what the future may bring. Their talent holds such promise to the people of this world, that I see myself eager of their anticipated reaction. However, I can see in the souls of these men that they're not in it for the fame, but for the experience. Music is their lives- their oxygen. However! this oxygen can only be supplied through the support of their loved ones and the crowds who catch the wake of their groove. With that, it is merely impossible to ignore the unique tunes that grip every emotion with an iron fist, twisting one's mind into an adventure of the past and a curiosity to the future.
Let me introduce to you a new genre produced into the music industry by the Cache Valley Cartel - Rock N' Ritz. A strategized clash of rock and... well... ritz. Imagine rock in the 1920's. Creates an interesting item, right?
Which is why, I have no doubt in my heart, that the Cartel will see to the top. Their journey on the red carpet has only begun. Now, all that has to come to pass, is the flash of a camera to capture their extraordinary magnificence to distribute amongst the billions of virgin ears that are deprived from such phenomena.
You might ask, "What does a picture have to do with the sound?"
'Tis a simile, mind you. I'll break it down: red carpet = the journey to success. Flash of the camera = captivated fans.
Let us continue. As I've stated so clearly through the length of my blogs- stressing the extraordinary talent of the CVC- I will peel back my participant's eyelids with clothing pins if it comes down to it, just so they can see what I see. Though, I promise you, it will not come down to that. It won't take much effort for somebody to recognize true potential.
You have my word.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Cartel Flourishes

Since my time with the Cache Valley Cartel, I've been documenting events in my mind like a timeline in a history textbook- the good, bad, big, or small. The best way to describe what's been happening with the CVC is this- they've been everywhere and back.

Get to know your boys- hard working, self-motivated, practiced entertainers. 
An opportunity landed itself onto the doorstep of the Cache Valley Cartel hideout. It carried more surprise than a newborn in a basket, and promised many-a-great things. However, such greatness required such sacrifices, and such sacrifices were made. Though, through the eyes of the CVC family, they were only  changes for the better. Nothing foul in temptations could sway the Cartel Family, having gained a cunning edge in the many trials they triumphed over in unison. They became more than a group of entertainers, having established such relationships early in the game- a brotherhood to a family. Trust was key. Room to grow- a necessity. 

My part through this hasty transition? Designated documenter, promised event recorder, respected interviewer. I catch the journeys of the CVC into the palms of my hands, and mold them into a work of art. While the Cartel is hard at work, I closely examine their actions with a keen eye. It's like a history strung about- the CVC the star and the events are the wake, waiting to be beheld as magnificently as the star. The millions of eyes that stare upon this star, forming their mental wishes as they watch it pass, almost expecting that wish to come true with the turning tides of the star that falls from the heavens.

What they don't know? That star is their wish, and it will come true. Through its wake, the star will eventually build into something of a beacon of power, the wake fully circuited through a journey of hardship to become what it is.

All the spectators must do is open their eyes, and behold such. Their wishes have come true. The Cartel will become explosive in their success, creating an ideal so out of this world and inspirational, its people will open their hearts and minds and embrace the Cache Valley Cartel into their lives.

Welcome back to the world of Jade Arlette with the past of the Cache Valley Cartel. Merely a documenter, I find it my passion and duty to record something like the CVC, because I know they will flourish into greatness. 

Hang tight, more is on the way.

Jade Arlette

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jade Meets the Cache Valley Cartel


The car pulled into the gravel driveway, and I could feel the music booming through the strange house and into my skin. An abrupt urge swept over me to dance, as my foot subconsciously began tapping the ground along with the beat. I cleared my throat and nervously shuffled, attempting to stifle the temptation.
I remember exiting the car, uneasiness bubbling at the pit of my belly. I didn't know what the CVC would think of me...
My other friend turned to me, "By the way, Viktor Shaw is like a god."
I cast her a nervous glance, "Huh?"
"Oh yeah, he's a model, and has a really built body. He's the guy that plays lead guitar and sings."
I could hear a distant singing and guitar echo from the house at that moment. I swallowed, though forced a smile on my face, "Is he single?"
"Is he straight?"
"Goddamn," I stated, as if I needed another reason to feel nervous.



Lead Guitarist of the CVC
Vocals of the CVC
"The Face"


My friend pushed the door open, and the music came flowing to the outside world, as if making the night a celebration. I was the last to enter as I closed the door behind me. I looked up, and the first person that caught my gaze was Georgy Rage.



"...    He'll do ya."
Bassist of the CVC
International Man of "Hot Potato" (thesaurus.com reference to "danger")

He stared at me, eyes wide, his fingers dancing along the neck of his bass. I, quite uncomfortable by his fierce gaze, turned my eyes to my feet, and stumbled farther inside. I turned my gaze upward again, where this time I met stares with another band mate- JP Stokes.



"The Don"
Leader &
Rhythm Guitarist for the CVC

He grinned, and I returned his grin with one of my own, then shyly looked away. My eyes then fell upon a Kidd Kazmeo...



Lead Vocalist of the CVC
Freestyle Extraordinaire
Silver-Tongued Prince of the Stage


He was spitting out a string of words that blew my mind. I stared in awe, unable to understand how someone could speak that fast. Before I sat upon the couch that was nearby, a gorgeous red-head approached me with a welcoming smile on her glowing face. I was slightly jealous and intimidated by this young woman. Then again, I felt welcome, by how warmly her smile had greeted me.
"Hi!" She shouted above the music, "I'm Kate!"
After our pleasant introduction, we went outside for a smoke break, where she had explained to me why she was also at the rehearsal, "I'm Kidd's wife," she'd said. 
I smiled, thinking what a cute couple they were. 
After our smoke break, we went back inside and all sat on the couch. 
The man I assumed was Viktor Shaw by his handsomely carved face and finely etched physique, caught glances with me. I, of course, managed to maintain our stare for as long as I could possibly handle, his sapphire eyes smoldering. I finally looked away, attempting to control the hotness I felt rising to my cheeks. I could see through my peripherals that he'd slightly grinned in his satisfaction of making another girl blush. Yet again, another victim in his overwhelming presence. I was only the dangling mouse, awaiting the snake to strike. His fingers danced deliciously along his guitar's sleek neck in a practiced haste. I was in a trance at his skill, his muscles flexing with each rehearsed movement. Man and instrument were one item. Proud of myself, I broke the trance and beheld their magnificence as a whole, subduing my want to nod my head with the beat. Sitting there awkwardly, I flipped open my phone and pretended to text, rather sit there staring off into space, or at Viktor's chest.

This was my introduction to the Cache Valley Cartel. Utterly awkward in my case, because I was shy and didn't know what to expect from each band member. However the first night I was there, it was almost like I was immediately part of the family. Well, actually, I pretty much was immediately part of the family during the time Viktor and I were in the basement and everybody was upstairs, but that's a different story...

Jade Arlette